Call for Papers & Proposals

General Requirements

We invite you to send in 300-word abstract proposals for academic papers related to these thematic areas. The African Perspectives Scientific Committee will review all abstracts before selecting papers to be presented at the conference. Also invited are proposals for projects, cultural interventions, and other presentation media, associated with these themes, these will also be reviewed before selection. We particularly invite graduate student proposals on themes of interest, which will help us develop a student workshop, which will run in parallel to the event.

Hilde Heynen, Joe Osae-Addo and Marinda SchoonraadWe expect all proposals to be submitted digitally, by email. For presentation and performance proposals, please send a description of your proposal, with images where available that can be photographed or recorded, digitally so they can be sent online. Emails should only be sent to the address given below. A website for upload of material is being created which will be linked to the email.

Your proposal must be received online by the deadline date 1 August 2013. ** The new deadline is 15 August 2013**. You will be informed by 1 September 2013, whether we have accepted your proposal. If your proposal is accepted, you will then be asked to revise this according to the guidelines set out by the reviewers and in the given conference format. If you intend to go ahead with a full presentation, we expect you to send the conference office confirmation that you intend to produce a full submission, to the conference on or before 15 September 2013. This confirmation should include your revised abstract or proposal, taking into account the scientific reviewers comments.

Drafts of papers, artwork, videos and ‘works in progress’ of conference material, should be sent in for final review on or before 15 October 2013. Only work that has been reviewed at this stage will be eligible for final submission.

All final conference submissions; papers, artwork, etc, must take place by 15 November 2013. Please note that work that has not been reviewed in October cannot be submitted in November.

The Lagos 2013 Conference programme will be published prior to the conference, and  include abstract information about all selected submissions; academic papers, artwork etc. After the conference the scientific committee intends to select the best papers to produce an academic online publication.

Submission requirements

Please send your proposal in ‘rtf’ or ‘doc’ format indicating:Exhibition Learning from Casablanca

– Title of proposal/abstract

– Theme

– Your name

– Your institution

– Address

– Phone number

– Email address

– Proposal (300 words maximum in length)

Unfortunately there are no funds available through the organization of African Perspectives 2013 to support any entry. However should your proposal be successfully reviewed we would be happy to provide letters of support to agencies you may ask to support the funding of your trip.

All Submissions to be addressed to:

Dahlia Roberts (please use email in the first instance)

Tel +233 (0) 301522248

Important Dates

1.08.2013 Deadline for submission of all proposals

15.08.2013 Extension for submission of all proposals

1.09.2013 Deadline for information of selected proposals by scientific committee and/or review requirements

15.09.2013 Deadline for resubmission formatted and revised proposals and confirmation of intention to submit full proposal

15.10.2013 Deadline for review of all submissions by scientific committee

15.11.2013 Deadline for submission of final submissions

Scientific CommitteeAbderrahim Kassou, Joe Osae-Addo and Abdelmoumen Benabdeljalil

Chaired by Dr Ola Uduku (University of Edinburgh)

Theme 1 – African Diaspora Culture and Interdisciplinary Arts

Anna Abengowe and Mabel Wilson

Theme 2 – Housing Cultures

Hannah Le Roux and Cordelia Cordelia Osasona

Theme 3 – African Cities and Mass housing

Karel Bakker, Abdelmoumen Benabdeljalil, Jean Tall, Laurence Esho and Paul Jenkins

Theme 4 – Physical and Virtual Worlds of Africa (including print and film)

Ola Uduku, Alex Bud and Okey Nduka

Theme 5- Green Imperative

Ola Uduku and Mark Olweny

Student Organiser/Reviewer

Thomas Aquilina

Art and Media Proposals

Berend van der Lans

Conference Office & Information

ArchiAfrika Accra
A&C Square, Store #M31
Jungle Road, East Legon, Accra Ghana

Tel +233 (0) 302522248

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